Friday, September 18, 2009

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  1. Hi Suzi

    This is taking me a minute to get the hang of. I just got my computer back from a much-needed clean up and I am like a junkie with a fix!

    I really enjoyed your blog--but am new to the game! Now I am going to paste an earlier e-mail that I sent to the only address I had for you--which was at back and I had a panic--but was determined to find you!

    I hope things are well with you. Recently my computer was in the shop, so when I got your long blog, I read it on my I-Phone--which was a little insane. I really appreciated and enjoyed what I could read and see--which was limited!

    Sounds like life is going well with you--your writing and travels remind me of May Sarton. Things are great here. I still miss John every day and keep his Noel Coward writing and picture on my desk. Tomorrow I am going to SF to see a Noel Coward play with a friend--God, how I wish I could turn back the clock and be in NYC with John like the old days. When Dave would come home from a long shoot--I would wait about a week and John and I would take off for NYC for a long weekend where we squeezed in as many plays (and drinks and bars and meals) as we possibly could, while sharing a sleazy room someplace off of 42nd Street!ha

    If you ever get the SF area--let me know--I have an extra room that you are most welcome to nest in. I am in the continuous process of buying a house--nothing that I really like ever comes through. Have put offers on a few--but for some reason or other, they don't work out--fate perhaps?

    Am going to Brooklyn for Thanksgiving to be with Jon and Shaina and then Christmas (if all arrangements fall into place) the whole family, Dan, Nikki and grandson Josh, Jon and Shaina, and Dave and I are going to Florida to relax and enjoy some quality time. Dave suggested it and is making all arrangements--who would ever have predicted that 20 years ago!!ha

    Take good care of yourself and write when you have time.
    Terry Boe Coffino